President’s Message 7/28/2023

Greetings Union Members!

Bargaining began last week with the exchange of initial proposals between CNMEU and Admin.

At that time, we exchanged our starting positions and offered justifications for our views. Those of you in on the conversation know that your Union sees the implementation of the Professional Development Framework as a momentous opportunity to rectify many inequities and long term concerns for both FT and PT faculty. Unfortunately, Admin does not see the Framework that way and offered a very bland proposal with no incentives whatsoever for Faculty to participate in the Professional Development Framework.

Last week it was also agreed that Admin would bring a counter-offer to our proposal. This counter-offer was presented today and your Bargaining Team has many questions and concerns about the direction Admin is taking. In addition, the counter-offer moved only incrementally away from their initial position. In terms of details as well as fundamental philosophical outlook our proposals remain very far apart. You can read the full content of CNMEU’s proposal and Admin’s offer and counter-offer in our Google Group.

The Union is ready to fight hard and long to achieve the majority or our goals. I will give details of the Bargaining Team meeting as well as a summary of today’s session in the Google Groups. The Union will also be offering upcoming Zoom and in-person meetings to discuss progress in Bargaining and the strategies and goals we have adopted. It is vital that you participate.

We meet in-person every Friday at 8:30 am, 3816 Carlisle NE.

To join our Google group and be added to Zoom meeting lists please send an email to Ken Bernier, Communications Chair with a non-work email address:

It is vital that you participate in these discussions: the Union represents You! And we need your support and ideas to craft the most responsive reply to the moves Admin is making.

In Solidarity,

Mark Love-Williamson