President’s Message 6/7/2023

Greetings Union Members!

Welcome to the updated website for CNMEU. We have just elected an officer to the Communications Chair: Kenneth Bernier, Welcome! And already we are seeing results from him and his team. (Thanks for the Website, Laura Arguelles!) CNMEU thanks all of the volunteers making this happen. Expect us to reach out to you personally in the next few weeks so that we can establish direct contact with all of our members.

Direct contact is vitally important right now, we are busy gearing up for the next round of Bargaining. This year’s issues are particularly important to Faculty. Admin has been working on a Professional Development program, (Called the Professional Development Framework Supporting Quality Education) This was put together under the direction of Erica Reed for the past many months and has had substantial Faculty input and direction embedded in it. On that score, Union Officers are excited to have a Professional Development Framework that is Faculty led and developed. At this stage the Framework is a voluntary set of online modules that Faculty may use to improve their teaching: the emphasis is on implementation and reflection.

But the Devil is in the details. Admin wants to make this available starting this Fall term. How will Admin administer this program? Will it become mandatory? Each unit (called Badges) is slated to take 15-20 hours of work: how will we be compensated? What about the time: will FT Faculty get relief from duties or course releases? Finally, What about our raises: all other employee groups at CNM have gotten their 6% . . .

So the Union has put together a comprehensive strategy to address these concerns and try to get clear guidelines and protections for all of us before Fall. It is a lot of work, and we do have a suite of volunteers already engaged with all aspects of the project. We encourage You to bring your energy, ideas and enthusiasm to our discussions.

We are meeting every Friday at 8:30 am , 3816 Carlisle NE. We are trying out a new meeting room and potential office space. If you are interested in finding out more about the Bargaining process or would like to share in the conversation, please join us.