President’s Message 8/12/2023

Greetings Union Members!

Bargaining began in early July with the exchange of initial proposals between CNMEU and Admin.

Last week, August 4, CNMEU offered our first counter-proposal. We retained our requests for substantial financial incentives tied to the Professional Development Framework and for alleviation from the burdens of Unpaid Labor and Ballooning Workloads. Admin indicated that they were not receptive to our concerns and would once again respond as though nothing is wrong and nothing needs mending.

On August 11, Admin offered their second Counter-proposal. Once again Admin tried to downplay the Framework while still centering it: It is a new program that need careful monitoring and assessing and adjustment (a pilot program) but it is also a robust entity fully formed and ready for Faculty to engage in (not a pilot). Admin cannot stick to one narrative, to itself or the Union. What is abundantly clear, is that Admin sees it has a sacred, inalienable right to burden faculty with an ever-growing set of demands. And that right includes unlimited free labor. Their proposal had zero incentives for PT Faculty to engage with the Framework, and only minor incentives for FT Faculty.

The parties stand as far apart as ever in Bargaining.

The Union is ready to fight hard and long to achieve the majority or our goals. We are at a turning point where this stage of the Bargaining process is breaking down. We will most likely be employing other tools and tactics to achieve our goals.

There are important details I would like to share with you all. These will be posted in the Google group and discussed in our Monday meeting. In addition, the Bargaining Team needs your help: we are going to discuss key elements of our next proposal at Monday’s Zoom meeting and we want your input and support. Please join us: It is vital that you participate.

We meet Mondays at 6:30 pm, via Zoom.

To join our Google group and be added to Zoom meeting lists please send an email to Ken Bernier, Communications Chair with a non-work email address:

We meet in-person every Friday at 8:30 am, 3816 Carlisle NE.

In Solidarity,

Mark Love-Williamson