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YOU CAN JOIN CNMEU if you are employeed at CNM
in any of our three organized “bargaining units”:
Full-Time Faculty, Part-Time Faculty, or Instructional Support.

Open the Application PDF (click here to download) and
print the two pages (double-sided on one sheet).

Follow the instructions on the application
to get it to the membership committee.


To do your part to help your peers

Until you join the faculty union, you are a NON-participating passive recipient of benefits gained through years of work by UNION members who have given much time and effort to negotiate improved working conditions and pay for CNM faculty — both union members and non-members. By NM State Law, CNMEU represents and bargains for non-members as well as Union members.

To get special attention

If you become a member and there is a violation of the contract for your bargaining unit, CNMEU will jump to your defense.

The Union can intervene if CNM violates the rights of a non-member, and may intervene in any non-member issue that threatens to affect Union members.

CNMEU will send an invited observer (a union representative) to meetings between Union members and Administrators (such as Deans, VPs) and — if circumstances warrant legal representation — our Union may provide advisors or legal counsel to help resolve employee / employer disputes.

To get help with gripes and grievances

GRIPES most often rise from unpleasant or unsafe working conditions. Department Chairs and Deans should hear these and respond. If they do not, then CNMEU has members who can help see problems resolved. If problems are addressed by our bargaining units’ contracts, then we can file “grievances.”

A GRIEVANCE is a formal protest filed by CNMEU with the Labor Board against CNM (as an institution) for a specific violation of the contract concerning one or more employees. Since many grievances address personnel (and personal) matters, Union members (and CNM employees as a whole) do not often hear of them. But CNMEU files official grievances every year, providing “push back” to badly reasoned administrative policies or to procedures which erode employee benefits — or even safety. CNM’s administration at times actively challenges employees’ contractual rights possibly just to test if CNMEU is watching — and has the will and ability to respond. The Administration of CNM also files Grievances against our Union, to see how much the institution can dismantle employee rights and Union power protecting those rights. It has been a quiet struggle, so most people have no idea that it continues day by day, and has been going on for years.

To join the struggle for our rights!